EUREL Young Engineers
Field Trip

18-27 August 2023, Romania

Thru the most representative circuite around Romanian objectives

Services included

What we can do for you

10 days through
Romania's best objectives

The event lasts 10 days and will take place in multiple locations trough Romania, such as Bucharest or Constanța


Accommodation is covered for the duration on the Field Trip, and would be composed of accommodation in Bucharest, Constanta and Cumpăna


This event constitutes a way of developing networking between young engineers, and so we dedicated every night a special event with diferent themes

Technical Visits

Field Trip facilitates the discovery of new technologies and best practices for the young engineers. For that, this Field Trip will include many technical visits



The Association of
Energy and Electrical
Engineers is a professional,
non-governmental, non-
profit, apolitical, independent
organisation  with legal
AIEE is a member of EUREL
starting from 2023.
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EUREL, the Convention of
National Associations of
Electrical Engineers of
Europe, is a non profit
organization with its
headquarter in Brussels
(Belgium) composed of 11
national Member
Associations in 10 countries
in greater Europe.
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